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Wed Site Design

We make responsive website for our client, we help businesses unleash there full potential to the world through professional, modern and functional designs this makes there competitor feel behind.

Print Design

Do you need to design a banner, complimentry card or any card,invite for your ocassion or any print design? We are able to help you out with amazing designs. And you well be very happy you trusted us.

Logo Design

Having a logo for your Establishment or brand is very existential for the growth of your Establishment or brand, we know this so we always deliver to our client attractive, simple, smart, creative and flexible design to always get them noticed. 

Graphics Design

Went it comes to graphics and print design we make sure we deliver the best to our client giving them the design that suit there taste, We are  absolutely passionate about simple yet sophisticated designs that we, and our client are very proud of.

Brand Identity

Designs focused on bringing your brand to the lam light for everyone to see.

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What else we provide?

Blog Design

Designing a blog that will catch the eyes of the audience using top of the best blog site provider e.g word press, simple site, wix, web etc. This will give our client freedom of a blogger.

Web Management

We believe in success and our main focus is to help our client achieve that goal

Photo Manipulation

Photo editing of any photo that needs restructuring.

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Because your satisfaction is what drives us, we make any necessary adjustment till you are satisfied with our work. We make sure we meet or surpass your expectation.


We will schedule an initial consultation with you to discuss your needs and the vision for your project. Based on your vision, do some research on the industry so to execute and deliver to you not only the the project you need but also the project you want.


It is never a one time transaction. We work with you to make sure everything concerning your brand keeps moving forward and we offer maintenance services in order to keep your business on track.


What our clients say

Excellence with very quick response level. I got to know about ShizieDigital Designs from a friend who has also gotten a job done by ShizieDigital Designs and he told me the service is wonderful, now i know why he said so.

Isaac John Terror inc...

The designs for my website was done swiftly and on time with creativity that was so explicit and eye-catching. I will recommend him to friends any day anytime. ShizieDigital Designs service is professional and affordable.

Okotubu Henrietta, C.E.O Meadows LTD

ShizieDigital Design really impressed me, when it comes to logo design he is simply the best, there is a high level of expertise and professionalism. one thing is for sure he always get the job done and done perfectly.

Olodi Patrick, Founder ZandePreana Foundation

Wonderful designer, well talented and always understands every task giving to him. He has always provided fantastic services and i will definitely recommend him to any one.

Chijioke Agwu, Founder AlutaWaka


Hello my name is INNOCENT .C. and am the founder of ShizieDigitalDesigns which is my design studio.I specialize in logo designs, brand identity, graphic and website design.

Offering design services to business of all size around the world.I don't have a permanent office , but rather work on the go while moving from place to place.

I believe that quality is one article of trade which can not be compromised and this is clearly seen in my work, giving my client the satisfaction they deserve.

I am:

  • Passionate (i absolutely love what i do)
  • Enthusiastic (always want to learn new things)
  • Skeptical (i think critically)
  • Focused (i have the right attitude)



Who we are?

Passionate about what we do, We are a growing home based design company in Nigeria involve in serving unique people like yourself and business across the world.We provide quality service to small and medium scale business owner at competitive price. We are a multi-disciplinary design company working with our client to help expand their business. Here we specialize in Logo, Website and Print Designs and can help you with all your Graphics design needs.

We set ourselves apart by:
  • Getting to know your business
  • Understanding your online needs
  • Setting and meeting deadlines
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Communicating how we can help
  • Providing cost effective solution
  • We are dedicated to personalized one-on-one services
Grapics Design
Web Design
Print Design
Blog Design
ShizieDigitalDesigns is:
  • Flexible .
  • Very open minded in all that is been done.
  • Considerable in all contribution especially ones from our client.


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